Thursday, 20 October 2011

Meanwhile, in Bournemouth...

This is not the update you're looking for. It's not even an update; it's me posting one image to prove i'm alive and that's only because it's already on my desktop. Uni, Bournemouth and student life are great, as I may elaborate if I can motivate to actually spend some time on this blog... similarly, I do have a few things possibly worth posting. For now, the season's starting to feel like halloween, and i'm in the mood for some victorian haunting, so here's a sketch of a devious vampire doxy I threw some colour on!

Stay tuned; god forbid one day I might do an actual update. 

There will be blood... and pictures.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Anscenic updates his damn blog...

Just a quick dump of some stuff from months ago i've been meaning to post; nothing new for my friends sadly. Too lazy to type some sort of quippy anecdotal update, so i'll just leave some pictures here and type stuff later.

Design for a half-dismantled android hooker from months ago. It's full of errors and a way off being finished, but I have no intention of going back to it so... yeah.
Some character designs for a project at the beginning of the year. These bored the hell out of me.

A sketch from last year sometime; I misread something as "girl who ate the foxes" and had the idea for this.

The results of my pratting around; another bald cyborg lady from last year. It's not a theme or anything, it's just easy to draw when i'm too lazy to come up with something interesting.

That's all for now; hopefully i'll be able to get some more frequent posting going on soon, and maybe even post some stuff other than goddamn character sketches. We shall see...


Monday, 10 January 2011

Blogtardation (ft. Nazi Zombies)

Hey. So. I figured a blog would be a good idea. Obviously it'll have to work up from "blog that noone reads" to "blog that some people read", but it's only for my work/escapades/posted crap anyway, so that's no big deal.

As for escapades, I finished my UCAS stuff last night; just a matter of waiting for people to do their thing and get back to me, I suppose. Good times? Perhaps. I also finished Silent Hill 3, which is an excellent game; it was worth it if only for the fetus-eating scene at the end (yeah see, now you want to play it). 

As for tonight, college work and portfolio BS take priority.Though if I get a moment I have Bakemonogatari and Gankutsuou lined up to check out, both of which are looking pretty sweet. Recently watched Eden of the East, which i'd really recommend. Great animation, really cool concept and a clever storyline. Maybe i'll talk more about this shit I do in future, with pictures or whatever, though I suppose it'll depend on who's reading since at the moment, i'm obviously talking to myself.

Either way, to that end, i'll include some -actual work- in this post.

Feel free to clicky for full size. This is the poster I made for college's "propaganda poster" illustration brief. As you can probably guess, we had to make a propaganda poster, preferably based on an actual campaign run in WWII. Since it meant I could draw nerny shit, I figured i'd go for "this is the enemy". Nazi zombies ensued.

So I guess i'd better get back to doing... whatever it is that I do. During this time I will ponder the endless possibilities of blogging...

Later all.