Friday, 29 April 2011

Anscenic updates his damn blog...

Just a quick dump of some stuff from months ago i've been meaning to post; nothing new for my friends sadly. Too lazy to type some sort of quippy anecdotal update, so i'll just leave some pictures here and type stuff later.

Design for a half-dismantled android hooker from months ago. It's full of errors and a way off being finished, but I have no intention of going back to it so... yeah.
Some character designs for a project at the beginning of the year. These bored the hell out of me.

A sketch from last year sometime; I misread something as "girl who ate the foxes" and had the idea for this.

The results of my pratting around; another bald cyborg lady from last year. It's not a theme or anything, it's just easy to draw when i'm too lazy to come up with something interesting.

That's all for now; hopefully i'll be able to get some more frequent posting going on soon, and maybe even post some stuff other than goddamn character sketches. We shall see...


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